KESS3 SLAVE Product by


ECU and TCU programming via OBD, boot and bench.

KESS3 has been developed to provide everyone, from the young engine enthusiast to the most specialized mechatronic technicians with a quick and simple interface to any engine control unit and automatic gearbox on the market.

Sensational performance, high operational flexibility and ease of use allow you to interface with engines and gearbox control units with a single tool.

All in One.
OBD, Bench and Boot mode.

KESS3 combines 3 operating modes in one tool. OBD, Bench and Boot Mode.

Configure it according to your needs and your work. Whatever your level and experience in remapping, KESS3 gives you the best.

OBD Mode

With the OBD mode, you can easily access all the ECU data through the diagnostic socket.

BENCH mode

A simple interface to the connector and you have complete access to the data of your ECU.


This mode allows you to access all system data areas. Read, Write and Clone.

✔️ OBD Tuning

✔️ Bench/Boot Tuning

✔️ Upgradable from Slave to Master

✔️ Separate Car & Bike Protocols

✔️ Works with some existing KESSv2 cables

⭐ Uses Alientech Suite

⭐ Upgraded Cable Set

⭐ Superfast Checksum Calculations

⭐ 10x Faster Processing

  • 100% remapped ECU tuning files.
  • 4x4 Dyno tested for the best performance