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Srt Chip Tuning 29/08/2022

DTC Revocation, Modern phone diagnosis helps a lot in determining where a problem is and how it can be fixed. You may need some fatigue, engine failure, maybe still burning, word for word, word for word. This is because it may be the fault of the vehicle harness and not the actual engine components.

We can also remove the fault code (DTC Codes) from the ECU as OBD codes. By reading this ECU, we erase the fault code from the ECU fault code system and then let you rewrite the new files to the ECU. We do this with our fully equipped equipment and professional team. Our expert engineers are working to expand our database day by day. Fault only with the diagnostic tool, you are likely to encounter the same error again. Thank you for visiting us for this solution permanent solution.

We provide services such as DTC, our rich experience of many years, DTC cancellation. Hundreds of auto workshops around the world rely on us and our experience. Sign up now and be one of them!

DTC (diagnostic trouble codes), also known as OBDII codes, is the system it uses to alert you to vehicle problems. There are typical limits for every system in your vehicle. When the tool detects that the problem exceeds these limits, it sends a problem code. Our team uses these codes to diagnose and repair vehicle problems.

It informs you about system problems in your vehicle, including fault codes, airbags and brakes. Additionally, the methods to troubleshoot these issues are likely different for each brand and model. Knowing the codes of your fleet vehicles is essential for proper maintenance and repair.

Some error codes continue to light when errors are resolved, in this case, you can send your file to us so that these error codes can be removed by our expert engineers and written safely into the vehicle.

  • 100% remapped ECU tuning files.
  • 4x4 Dyno tested for the best performance